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bobvideo.jpg (41139 bytes)As previously stated, Bobby Prince had done the lyrics to Eat Your Veggies way back in 1990.   Originally, the piece had nothing to do with Dopefish.  It was originally intended for Keen Dreams, which was Episode 3.5 in the Keen Series.  In that episode, Billy Blaze was having a dream where he was chased by all sorts of vegetables, and as such, this song (Eat Your Veggies) was created as the theme song for that game, since it was relevant.

However, Softdisk wanted the game to fit on a single disk, so the music had to go.  The piece was kept over for Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle, in which Dopefish makes his appearance, and the rest is history.

In November 1993, Dan Linton of the late Software Creations BBS was down for a visit.  While here, he visited id Software, where Bobby Prince was working at the time on Doom music (as at this time, Doom was about 6 weeks away from release).   Anyways, while there, the subject of Dopefish came up, and Bobby relayed this story, and graced the world with a long thought lost piece of Dopefish lore - the lyrics to Eat Your Veggies!!   Yes, Virginia, there are lyrics!  The lyrics are shown below, along with some stills from the video.  To see a larger version of the stills, you can click on any of them. The setup for the lyrics is that you have to envision Billy Blaze sitting around the dinner table with his parents and his sister, and he's not eating his vegetables...

UPDATE (July 1998): Finally!   Now available online is a RealVideo file of Bobby Prince singing the Lyrics to Eat Your Veggies!   This file is about 4.4Mb (zipped), and you can download it to hear the long lost Veggies Lyrics.  To download the file, click on the thumbnail of the player here.  This requires the Real Player, so if you don't have it, you can get that for free at the Real Site.

The video was shot by Dan Linton, and the woman in the corner of the video was Dan's wife (whose name eludes me at the moment - Sorry Dan)

UPDATE (June 2000): THANK GOD!  The video has been returned to me by Scott Tyler.  Thanks a ton, Scott - it would have been extremely difficult for me to recapture the video again.  Thanks!!

[Billy's Mom]

You've got to eat your vegetables, do you hear me?

You've got to eat your vegetables...   Tell him Daddy.

[Billy's Dad]

You've got to eat your vegetables..    NOWWWWWWWW!

[Billy's Sister - seeing she can get in on it]

You've got to eat your vegetables..    Na-na-na-na-na!

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Bobby setting up his equipment.

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Singing Billy's Sister

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